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At Louise Jewers Physiotherapy; we want you to know that there is a lot to be gained by working with a Women’s health (WH) physiotherapist, for a range of obstetric and gynaecological conditions. Our women’s health service is designed to support you through all stages of life.

Whether in pregnancy, or after giving birth; before, during or after the menopause, many women can experience a whole host of unpleasant symptoms, often restricting their lifestyle. Due to the sensitive nature of these issues, numerous women simply tolerate their symptoms for years, whether too embarrassed to seek help or unaware that there are treatments available. 

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There are Solutions 

Specialist physiotherapy has been shown to help obstetric or gynaecology issues, including:

Pregnancy related pain in your back, your pelvis, or legs

Weak pelvic floor muscles following childbirth 

Rectus abdominis divarication. (a separation of the abdominal muscles)

Symphysis pubis dysfunction (SPD)- pain low in the front of your pelvis.

Stress urinary incontinence

Urinary urgency and urge incontinence

Bladder pain syndrome 


Pelvic organ prolapse

Pelvic pain 

Sexual dysfunction issues / painful intercourse

Post – surgery

Our Expertise

A women’s health specialist has the right skills, specific knowledge and training to assess and treat a range of conditions in the most appropriate way. Caroline Wright, our Women’s Health specialist has years of experience in assessing and treating women in a discreet, a supportive and professional manner. 

After an initial assessment and explanation of the cause of your problem, your treatment plan will be discussed and agreed with you. Treatment may include:  

Bladder retraining

Exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles

Muscle stimulation

Relaxation techniques including trigger point release


Advice and exercises for resuming activities and sports after pregnancy / surgery or other WH issues

General advice – to you help you self-manage and optimise your treatment outcome

The NICE health guidelines recommend specialist physiotherapy as the first line treatment in the Seek specialist physiotherapy help now.

If you have any questions before booking, please use the contact form to get in touch.



‘’Louise is amazing. She is a very good diagnostician and really helped me recover from an injury. I highly recommend her.’’

Sandra Coen

April 2019

‘’Louise helped me through post-accident, pre-opand post-op physio-she is calm, kind straightforwardand encouraging as well as hugely experienced and skilled. She works closely with surgeons and doctors who recommend her and is known to be the best in the business in West London. It is a huge advantage to be located, in the Hogarth Club with its onsite Parking and full gym to take advantage of during rehab sessions. I would recommend her wholeheartedly.’’

Sarah Colquhoun


‘’Louise immediately inspires confidence. She is calm, professional and very experienced. She discusses the problem and then applies gentle, reassuring treatment. She makes practical suggestions and takes you through helpful exercises before posting you videos so you can do them at home. I would thoroughly recommend Louise.’’

Sue Pickering

November 2019

‘’You were absolutely right about my ankle kicking out. After seeing you Friday, I rested Saturday and did the exercises that you gave me.I ran 11.7 k on Sunday, thinking the whole time about that push off and had no problems.There was a niggle but no pain.Last night I did 7 k and other interval sprints and had no issues. I will keep up the exercises.’’Thank you AGAIN! You were right AGAIN!


February 2020

“unable to have face to face sessions, our online sessions are brilliant! Louise was able to diagnose my injury and provide a thorough and clear exercise plan to get me back to full health -all through online video sessions! Extremely pleased to have contacted her.”


April 2020

‘’I was delighted and relieved I was able to organize physio sessions remotely with Louise (during Covid).With her expertise and many years of experience in post -op rehabilitation, in our remote/video sessions Louise is able to pinpoint even the smallest of deviations from desired movements in those exercises she has recommended. Her quiet calm, capable mannerand the clear guidance she offers in simple and straightforward language, make it easy for me to understand what she is asking of me and my leg! Louise’s follow up email containing links to an exercise plan and video clips for assigned exercises represents invaluable support in between our remote sessions.’’

Sarah Brewer

April 2020

"Thanks to you my knees are as good as they have ever been. I cannot tell that I have ever had any trouble. Fantastic! My skiing still leaves a lot to be desired but great fun!"


"Many thanks for your help with my back. Your advice was 100% good I was sent off for xrays - crush fractures were the problemMany thanks for all your help in setting me off in the right direction."


‘’Caroline was brilliant. Thank you so much for suggesting I saw her. There isn’t anything to worry about-nothing that a few exercises won’t put right and I am seeing her again.’’


July 2020

"I have just returned from Arizona where I climbed a mountain and swam breastroke in the pool with no problems. So I have made a full recovery. THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN!"


‘‘As you can see, I have cancelled my next appointment. This is because my foot has completely recovered! Thank you for your two treatments-I think they helped it along quite considerably.’’


‘‘Thank you for your letter on the 3rd January and thank you in particular for treating the patients I send to you to such good effect. I hear very favourable reports from patients following your treatments.’’

Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon

‘‘Just wanted to drop you a line and say the knees were absolutely fine while skiing and afterwards now I'm doing the leg strengthening exercises. Had a great time and many thanks for all the work in getting me back active.’’

G.M Chiswick

We work with some Major Health insurers including but not limited to:

To claim seek authorization for physiotherapy from your insurers before treatment starts.

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