Resuming Face to Face Treatments

The government has requested that private health providers open clinics to face to face treatments again. Based on updated guidance from The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, The Health & Care Professions Council and Public Health England we are now open for Clinic based treatments for appropriate cases. 

We have new infection control, face to face and attendance procedures in place to keep everyone safe and help reduce the spread of Covid-19. Read here.

Since Covid-19 lockdown we have been providing online consultations for our clients in line with the ‘Stay Home’ message. This new service has proved extremely helpful for many of our clients to date. Read how they work here.

The CSP & HCPC guidelines state that our profession must offer a virtual first approach to treatment in the first instance. See flow chart here (at bottom of doc). Everyone’s health and safety are still our priority. So, we will continue to provide virtual video consultations for our clients. However, if a more detailed assessment is required, the problem is urgent or getting worse despite online consultations or cannot be managed remotely, we will provide face to face appointments in clinic. 

Guidelines are changing regularly; we follow them constantly and will update our protocols accordingly. 

We are working hard to resume providing a safe, professional, and friendly service to all our clients. 

Please contact the clinic if you wish to book an appointment or to find out more about clinic-based treatment. 07956255427 


For us to offer face to face appointments you need to know that…

We are required to screen each client for individual risk to ensure their need outweighs any risk to themselves or others.

You will be sent an initial registration and screening form which your physiotherapist will review and discuss with you before sending a confirmation email with what to expect when attending clinic.

If you have been asked to self-isolate because you are in the Extremely Vulnerable category. you will only be offered a virtual online Consultation. Those in the Vulnerable category will be offered virtual first care in the first instance. 


We also must be sure that you are aware of the risks of transmission of Covid-19, so we will ask you to consider the following when booking. 

Physiotherapy techniques often use touch and close contact.

The virus is transmitted by air droplets and touch. This risk is increased indoors and when people are in close contact within 2 metres for 15 minutes or more.

We have implemented procedures in line with Government & PHE guidelines to minimise any transmission risk including the use of PPE. Read more here

As part of our Covid clinic procedures you will be asked to re confirm your health status before each clinic appointment and to wear a face covering.

To contain the spread of the virus, you should be aware in advance that in the event of a track, trace enquiry to our clinic, client contact details will be supplied if requested.

Arriving at Clinic

Please arrive on time and wait in your car or outside socially distances

Please come alone unless under 16. Advise us 24 hours beforehand

Text your name to your therapist on arrival

Wear a face covering.

Wear suitable clothing and keep all small items such as phones / keys in your pocket or small bag.

Please use your bathroom before leaving home as toilet facilities will not be available

At the end of you visit your physiotherapist will see you out as reception is unmanned and the rest of the club closed at present.


Communication & Payments

We will be paperless- electronic registration documents & invoices/receipts will be emailed

Please email documents and letters to us beforehand or upload to your TM3 connect account if you are registered. You can register at

 If you register for a TM3 connect account you will be able to retrieve copies of invoices and receipts, check your personal appointment diary and book online video consultations (some slots have been made available through TM3connect). All clinic bookings will be made via your physiotherapist until further notice.

We no longer take cash or cheque. Payments can be made by card through email stripe link or Bacs transfer.

We use Physiotec exercise software so video exercise programmes will be emailed to you after your appointment for you to refer to in between appointments.

 Now you are prepared and ready!

We look forward to seeing you soon.

Do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or concerns regarding physiotherapy treatment in clinic or online.

Call or text 07956255427 to enquire.

We work with some Major Health insurers including but not limited to:

To claim seek authorization for physiotherapy from your insurers before treatment starts.

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